Abu Dhabi Services Office (ADSO) is Born in the Capital

ADSO is Born in the Capital

ADSO Opens Office

Al Guwaifat Land Border Office, Inward /Outward

Starts Operations in UAE

ADSO begins Freight Forwarding Operations at Dubai, U.A.E

Opens Offices Across UAE

ADSO Opens own Offices across all U.A.E Land Borders

Celebrates 20 Million Ton Milestone

ADSO Team celebrates 20 million freight tons of cargo hauled by road.

New Office & Yard Facility

ADSO Logistics, Jebel Ali FreeZone - 100,00 sq.ft

Opens office in Oman

ADSO Oman commence operations from Ruwi, Muscat.

ADSO JV RoadLink

ADSO JV RoadLink establish 40,000 sq.ft Fleet Management Facility in Umm Al Quwain, UAE.

Establish 150,00 sq.ft

ADSO Abu Dhabi, Head Quarter establishes 150,000 sq.ft Storage Yard and Fleet Center in Al Faya Road (int. truck road, Abu Dhabi, UAE)

ADSO in Manama

ADSO commences business operations in Manama, Bahrain.

Operations Commence in Dammam

Operations Commence in Dammam

ADSO Established Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone Office

In 2014 ADSO established Sharjah Hamriyah Office

Jebel Ali Crew

Our current team of experts

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