Equipment Rentals

ADSO's range of equipment rentals is a specialized service in equipment rental. Why own a equipment the most optimal and cost saving solution is equipment rentals, contact us for an endless supply of high quality rental equipments. We have the latest, largest and most diverse source of rental machines available. 
We maintain a quality rental fleet in optimal working condition for your project. We have construction equipment rental fleet in United Arab Emirates. Factory trained technicians maintain our rental equipment so that industry professionals can rent with confidence. 

Machinery Available: 

  •  Diesel Air Compressor 
  •  Diesel Generator 
  •  Electric Air Compressor 
  •  Drill Machine 
  •  Tower Light 
  •  Welding Machine 
  •  Compactors 
  •  Manual Chain Hoist 
  •  Excavators 
  •  Bulldozer 
  •  Wheel Loaders 
  •  Bobcat Rollers 
  •  Man Lift